Product Range
We manufacture pipe work components, fittings, vessels, machines, hydraulic systems, coils, heat exchangers and steel constructions. Ferritic, austenitic and austenitic-ferritic steel, high-temperature chromium steel and centrifugal casting, duplex and superduplex steel to nickel alloys aluminium, copper and titanium are all processed using certified proprietary technologies.

State-of-the-art Manufacturing
We achieve the superior quality of our products by deploying the most modern manufacturing machines: the components are mechanically prepared with computerised numerical control (CNC) machine-tools. Pipes are cold-bended on CNC cold bending machines or hot on our induction bending machines. Heat treatment of components is carried out in stove cars, heat treatment furnaces and with mobile induction and resistance-heating equipment. Welding connections are established in the processes of TIG, SMAW, GMAW/FCAW, plasma welding, SAW and SAW narrow gap (up to 250 mm wall thickness) as well as in the fully automatic process of TIG orbital welding. One speciality in our manufacturing certainly is radial welding of strip cladding made from high-alloyed steel and pure nickel onto ferritic materials, e.g., a pipe with a clear inside diameter of at least 300 mm and a length of 8 metres.