Plant Service

Plant Service :
• Maintenance and In-service Inspections
• Shutdowns
• Revamping
• Risk-prevention material tests
• Failure Investigations

Maintenance of Pipe Work Systems
Our maintenance service for pipe work systems enjoys a second-to-none reputation for quality in the sensitive power plant business. This service includes on-site and system analysis, thermal calculations of start-up and shutdown processes, calculation of pressure surge, vibration and remaining lifespan. Finally we evaluate the results according to regulations and in context with the specific situation and compile a complete analysis as well as suggestions for optimisation

No Time for Downtimes
EHR is a leading company in the field of shutdown and revision work in the chemical and petrochemical industry. A dedicated, highly motivated team plans major revisions and carries them out with maximum efficiency. Precise downtime planning, based on state-of-the-art process tracking systems, provides all information in order to control and maintain the schedule to our fitting overhead; thus making certain that downtime does not take even one day longer than absolutely necessary. Despite of tight schedules it is a second nature to our personnel to maintain the high quality and safety standards.