Essener Hochdruck-Rohlleitungsbau, Rohrleitungen für die ganze Welt.  
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A retrospect into the future

When Erich Hauptmann and Otto Blunck founded the "Hochdruck-Rohrleitungsbau, Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung" (private limited company) in Essen on 3 December 1947, they could not even perceive that they had just laid the cornerstone for a story of great success.

Although an entrepreneurial vision has always been an indispensable part of starting up a company, in those days the immanent challenges had to be faced first. People had to roll up their sleeves and rebuild what had been destroyed in the war. A new future had to be built using skills, commitment and a sense of responsibility.

EHR followed exactly that trail, and with such a consistence and engagement they acted, that soon they had grown into one of the leading companies in their field. Today we can look back on 50 years of success.

EHR has developed into an innovative and flexible company which has always been a frontrunner and set milestone in their history with courage, skill and optimism.

We have, however, never stopped advancing and just been satisfied with looking back. This is why we always want to look ahead. We at EHR have always understood the future as a chance to convince through competence, commitment and team spirit, and to actively shape what we hold dear.



Ronald Diehl und Jürgen Weyers

The history of EHR is a small but vivid part of the economic and social development of our country. From post-war Germany to a united Europe. From a committed start-up to a modern company with a certified quality assurance system and more than 900 personnel.

From this proud tradition we feel the responsibility to act consistently for excellence based on quality.


Ronald Diehl und Jürgen Weyers