Made in Essen Pipe Work for the Whole World

Essener Hochdruck-Rohrleitungsbau (EHR) is the first choice for premium quality pipelines. We create excellence based on quality
manufacturing fabrication service. With our scope of products and services, EHR is the market leader in Germany, employing nearly 1,000 personnel at 10 locations.


EHR has specialised in the world-wide equipment of thermal and nuclear power plants with high-pressure and high-temperature piping systems and components.

EHR has been using the know-how, vast experience and innovative technology in the fields of industrial piping, utilities, plant construction and assembly, too. The focus is on the chemical, petrochemical and the steel industry.

In the company's branches in Dortmund and Essen, the necessary   plant components are manufactured using up-to-date processing technologies. Highly qualified personnel provide professional on-site assembly and fitting and meet deadlines in national and international power plant and plant inspections even to the hour.