Proven Services

Assembly and Fitting
We employ qualified fitters who are able to carry out large orders with high technical requirements in time and quality. All orders are subject to an exact process planning. Complex projects are tracked in an IT project management system. In addition to all metal welding processes we are qualified in welding, gluing and laminating plastic and GRP materials as well as in connecting glass pipes. The quick and safe fitting of heavy components is part of our range of services as well.

Start-up and Initial Operation
Following completion of assembly, we carry out the required leakage and stress pressure tests according to regulations and also blow out, pickle and clean pipe work systems. We provide qualified personnel for the start-up and initial operation of plants.

More and more plant operators focus on their core activities and wish to subcontract the maintenance services, for which EHR with their vast experience is a perfect partner. You can leave your plant with us regarding availability and operating safety.

Other Services
EHR has a device and vehicle pool of more than 15,000 items to be deployed on own sites or to be let to external customers.