Industrial Pipe Work

Made to 'Purity Law'
When requirements made to the purity of media are high, our experience pays: in the processing of austenitic materials, in mechanised orbital welding, in the precise treatment of polished materials. We construct in such a way that welding joints can be established mechanically and dead room in components and pipes is avoided.

Overview of Fitting
Whether large fittings or small projects - we plan and carry out everything precisely. By using our dedicated tools we can establish the erection progress and track the material flow exactly and almost real time - so as to put the customers in the picture.

Well-established Service Team
In the field of plant service, we have been a reliable partner of the industry for decades. We certainly take advantage of the know-how and experience gained form the planning and erection of new plants.

We have a well-established team of experienced engineers and qualified fitters. It is our policy to have our locations in the vicinity of our customers, and we always keep in close contact with our clients through the service support from our fitting inspectors. We work professionally and on schedule, ensuring that your plants always operate safely and economically.

No Time for Downtimes
EHR is a leading company in the field of shutdown and revision work in the chemical and petrochemical industry. A dedicated, highly motivated team plans major revisions and carries them out with maximum efficiency. Precise downtime planning, based on state-of-the-art process tracking systems, provides all information in order to control and maintain the schedule to our fitting overhead; thus making certain that downtime does not take even one day longer than absolutely necessary. Despite of tight schedules it is a second nature to our personnel to maintain the high quality and safety standards.

Safety First
Safety, health and environmental protection play an important role in the company philosophy of EHR. Humans always come first. Therefore, we do everything within our power to avoid accidents and occupational illnesses., to promote our personnel's health and to act environmentally sound.