Public and Industrial Utilities

Public and Industrial Utilities for:
• Communal Gas and Water Piping Systems
• District Heating Systems
• Pipeline Building
• Natural Gas Storage Pipes
• Air Fractionation Plants

When it comes to building pipelines for natural or technical gas, EHR is a major player on the market. Whether public utilities need to be connected to the large distribution networks for gas and water or industrial plants need to be supplied with technical gas - EHR has the know-how gained in manifold large projects and annual contracts. A current extension of our range is the construction of natural gas storage pipes; our vast experience in welding fine grain structural steel proves itself an invaluable advantage.

Making Supply Dependable
Even short interruptions in gas or water supply have become practically unacceptable for customers. Therefore, it is indispensable for the utilities to have their plants always well maintained, up and running. - and to be secure in the knowledge that repair work is carried out immediately in the rare case of a failure. EHR has the best qualifications as a service partner for that type of work. One of our numerous branches is always in the vicinity of a utility and their distribution networks.

We have a large number of components in stock, and our trained, qualified service teams are always available and ready to operate.