Refuelling Plants
Energy Generation
Gas Control and Measuring Station
Drinking Water Processing Plant
Wastewater Treatment Plants

Anlagenbau Wassertechnik

• Einsiedel Pump Station
• Leuna Retention Basin
• Schkopau Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater Treatment Plants
Treating industrial and communal wastewater is an urgent task to accomplish. Water plays a prime role for all of us. Our engineers design concepts for efficient and optimal wastewater and sludge liquor treatment plants, which are erected by EHR with all their experience in EPC in an economically feasible way. In the three-stage wastewater treatment plants that we erect, wastewater is cleaned mechanically, chemically and biologically prior to discharging the water into the biological cycle. Sewage sludge is dried for further processing. Our fully developed technology is subject to permanent innovation, and is applied not only in the erection of new plants but also in retrofitting, reconstruction and boosting measures. From an economical as well as from an ecological point of view, this is an effective contribution to environmental conservation.